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19 Stephen Hawking Quotes for Your Next Presentation

1. Stephen Hawking reminds us to be curious

If your presentation is about problem-solving, try this quote about being curious and looking everywhere for both questions and answers:

2. Stop complaining Stephen Hawking style

If you are tired of people walking in your office complaining, give them Stephen Hawking’s advice:

3. Stephen Hawking informs us how intelligence is key to change

If your presentation is about change, try this quote about using your intelligence as a key to change:

4. Stephen Hawking encourages persistence

The job search process is frustrating. This quote will keep you searching for a job that fits your passion:

5. Stephen Hawking promotes knowledge using questions

Use Stephen Hawking’s quote about knowledge to remind your audience not to be afraid to ask questions, or not to be a know it all:

6. Achieve life accomplishment with Stephen Hawking inspirational quote

Stephen Hawking reminds us to enjoy the adventures that life brings and not be afraid to make future plans:

7. Use Stephen Hawking quote to persevere

In a presentation about being trapped in a job, remember Stephen Hawking’s quote about never giving up because there is a way out.

8. Stephen Hawking quote encourages us to keep working

When you choose a job that is meaningful, it will not feel like work.

9. Stephen Hawking reminds us to stay determined

When a friend complains about job searching, use this quote to inspire them to continue the hunt:

10. Stephen Hawking recognizes the importance of everyone’s opinions

Remind others to invite everyone to share their ideas at a meeting with this quote:

11. Use Stephen Hawking quote as courage

Encourage coworkers to strive for greatness:

12. Problem-solve with Stephen Hawking support

This Stephen Hawking’s quote reminds us to keep asking questions until you find the correct answer. Be open to suggestions and others’ ideas:

13. Stephen Hawking encourages us to prioritize

When presenting about getting through the workday, use this quote to inspire your audience to prioritize their daily tasks:

14. Stephen Hawking inspires creative thinking

When in a meeting, this quote will encourage you to speak your mind when you have an idea:

15. Stephen Hawking recognizes the importance of celebrating achievements

Stephen Hawking quote encourages individuals to celebrate small accomplishments as they lead to big outcomes:

16. Hawking celebrates the differences among us

Use this quote as a reminder to tailor your resume to fit the job advertisement you’re answering.

17. Hawking quote reminds us to look towards the future

Work can be frustrating. Stephen Hawking encourages us to not focus on the past, but instead to look to the future.

18. Stephen Hawking understood the importance of making mistakes

Next time you are called out for a mistake, don’t get mad; instead, remember this quote:

19. You can use Stephen Hawking quotes to inspire hope

Finally, end your presentation on a reminder that hope springs eternal:

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